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We have been unable to connect to the robot via Bluetooth. We have tried on multiple devices - once on an iPad with iOS 9 and on 2 separate android devices running 4.4. All 3 devices yielded the same issue - the Bluetooth icon in the upper left of the screen flashes yellow and blue but never connects to the robot. The robot has fresh batteries and the blue light on the battery box is flashing. Please advise.
Monday, January 18 2016, 03:42 AM
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Thursday, May 26 2016, 10:17 PM - #Permalink
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We've found often times users are attempting to pair directly from the iOS/Android Bluetooth setting, however, the Bluetooth connection should be made within the Kosmos app by pressing the yellow blinking Bluetooth icon.

At your convenience, can you try the following to ensure we cover all bases. I would suggest removing the batteries from the Bluetooth battery box and power cycling the smart device. Once the smart device is up and running, turn on the Bluetooth setting however do not pair. Insert new batteries into the battery holder, ensure the blue LED is blinking. Open the Robotics Smart Machines app and click on the blinking yellow Bluetooth icon. The icon will be a solid yellow and the blue light on the battery holder will be solid once both have pair. Test by using the two controls on screen.

Please provide your findings. If the suggestion above does not help, a replacement BT battery box can be sent by emailing
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