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Dan Butler
Dan Butler
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My son and I have built the wind tunnel in the Physics Pro kit as shown and the wind tunnel blows wind as it should, but the airplane does not go up. Is there anything we should look for to troubleshoot this issue?
Monday, April 25 2016, 10:22 PM
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Thursday, May 26 2016, 08:53 PM - #Permalink
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Hi Dan,

First, I’d recommend constructing the tunnel blades so that they are securely connected to it's cylindrical base. I suggest using a little bit of tape to secure the blades in place, then glue the parts together.

Next, I’d ensure the crank is properly rotating the tunnel blades without restriction, the common causes of restriction are the tunnel blades rubbing against the cylindrical housing and/or the yellow gears slipping. Once we ensure the tunnel blades are spinning freely we can check on the plane itself.

Please ensure the plane has a pin inserted as noted on page 42. To ensure the spacing of the circular cutouts are in line with the cutout on the clear sheet, please ensure the body of the plane is glued tight. The nose of the plane should be facing away from the crank and crank should be rotated clockwise if look directly at it.

Please note, at times, the clear box holding the red tubes may rest at an angle, we want the red tubes to stand as straight as possible. I’ve linked a video below on how the Wind Tunnel should perform.

Wind Tunnel

The configuration may need slight adjustments for optimal performance and if replacement parts are needed so that you can rebuilt any of the cutout models, please provide your mailing address at your convenience and I’ll have them sent to you.

If you should have any questions or need further assistance, please contact me at
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