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  3. Friday, 12 June 2015
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The following troubleshooting steps will help us isolate the cause of the issue.

Please confirm if the remote control is making noise or emitting light each and every time one of the buttons is being pressed?

If the remote is consistently making a “chirping/zapping” sound and emitting light for each button, then the remote should be fine. If no sound is produced, then the remote control may be defective.

If the remote is functioning properly and will control at least one of the battery ports, please try switching the motors around to verify if each of the motors work properly: Separately plug each one of the confirmed working motors into each of the sockets on the battery holder and then test the buttons individually in succession.

Can you confirm that all of the buttons/channels will function when a properly functioning motor is plugged into each particular socket?

Please email to provide anything you discover.
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