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  3. Thursday, 04 June 2015
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Basic Troubleshooting Steps:

1.) Verify that you are using a compatible controller device.

Tablet or smartphone hardware requirements include:
• iPad 3, 4, or newer (iPad with retina display)
• iPad mini and iPad Air (all versions)
• iPhone 4s, 5s, 5c, or newer
• iPod touch 5th generation or newer
• Requires iOS 5.0 or newer
(In other words, requires an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, or Bluetooth Low Energy support.)

2.) Verify that the blue light on your battery box is blinking:
• If yes, move to step 3
• If no, ensure that all batteries are new/fully charged and positioned correctly in the battery box
• If the blue light does not turn on after double-checking everything above, please contact

3.) Verify/Locate your Bluetooth Battery Box’s unique ID#
• Click on the Bluetooth icon in the top Left of your Device’s screen
• Tap on the model ID # to select it
• A check-mark should appear beside your Bluetooth battery box model ID as seen below

4.) Once a solid connection has been established between your device and the Bluetooth Battery Box, you should verify that each motor functions properly: (If you have already built your first model, please turn the model upside-down and rest it on a flat surface. This will ensure that the wheels can spin freely as you test each motor.)
• Enter the programming mode described on page 44 of the manual: Tap on the programming button at the top right of the screen (shown below) and use the arrow buttons to control each motor separately.

• Test every button individually to ensure that the motors rotate accordingly

If the above steps do not help resolve the issue, please contact
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