Explorer's kit moon lander tires are not all rubberized



  1. Kevin Policoff
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  3. Tuesday, 09 August 2016
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I just received the Remote-Control Machines: Space Explorers kit, and I'm over all very impressed. The main issue I ran into was the tires. of the 6 tires, only 2 are rubberized. The other 4 are plastic. The plastic ones have absolutely no traction, and are nearly useless. If you use them for the main drive, the car just peels out, and if you use them to steer, it keeps sliding forward. No grip at all (especially on my all wood floors). So my question... is it possible to order replacement parts? I would love to order 4 of the rubberized tires so this thing can actually be useful as a vehicle.
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Replacement parts are available for purchase. Please email support@thamesandkosmos.com with your request and mailing address.
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