Power House: Green Essentials

Power House Full Version
Experiment Manual    
English 96 Pages  
English/ Spanish 96 Pages  
Parts Included 24 50
Building Projects 10 20
Power House
Sun Collector
Solar Oven parts included  
Solar Oven built from plans  
Rice Cooker
Sun baked bread  
Thumbtack Scale
Air Conditioner
Oil Press  
Oil Lamp  
Sun Power Station
Light Telephone  
Lemon Battery
Current Indicator  
Electric Motor  
Transfer Switch  
Electric Crane  
Electric Rail Car  
Wind Power Plant
Sail Car  
Experiments 38 51
Heat with the sun
Exp. with windows closed
Exp. with windows open
Exp. with roof covered
Exp. with greenhouse covered
Shade temp
Heating water in greenhouse
Water as coolant
Collector temp empty
Collector temp full
Focal length of magnifying glass
Focal point determine with thermometer
Magnifying glass oven
Refracted light
Steam from a thimble
Heat focal point in solar oven
Desalinate water
Plant watercress  
Preserve watercress  
Making sauerkraut  
Dry an apple  
Propel air
Cool down the house
Humidity and density of air
Test the refrigerator
Plants & Light  
Wandering Beans  
Water is life  
Leafy green oxygen factories  
Plants & Oxygen  
Plants & Energy  
Pressing Oil  
Press & Measure Oil  
Sunflower Oil as preservative  
Solar cells & light
Power from lemons (4 exps)
Galvanize a Nail
Splitting Water
The Magnetic Field  
Find Magnetic Poles  
Test the current indicator  
"Diversion" experiment  
Generate Electricity with motor  
Long lever/Short lever  
Test the Electric Car  
Electric Car/ Battery/ Solar powered  
Wind & Lift experiments
Test run the Sail Car  
Sailing against the wind  
Power from Wind